Lots Of Us Make New Friends, And Even Meet Future Spouses, While Traveling

There are a lot of great things about travel, including the ability to meet new people. And it turns out, for a lot of new folks, those new people they meet turn into something more than just a new friend.

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Exodus Travels finds:

  • 23% of Americans say they met their future spouse while traveling.
  • Another 33% admit to having a “vacation romance.”
  • And 25% made a best friend during one of their trips.
  • And some of those romances start even before those trips actually begin, with 30% of people saying they dated someone they met on a plane. 

Overall, there seem to be a lot of people who make lasting connections while on vacation.

  • In fact, 77% of people say they made lifelong friends while traveling.
  • Of those people, the average amount of friends made is five.
  • In general, the average person will make four new friends on a trip, even though they may not stay in touch post-trip.
  • 79% of people say making new friends on vacation makes a trip better. 

So, how exactly do folks meet new people while traveling? Some of the best ways include:

  • Participating in lots of different activities while traveling (31%)
  • Taking group tours while traveling (28%) (tied)
  • Participate in hotel events (afternoon teas, cocktails, performances) (28%)(tied)
  • Being active (gym, hikes, tennis, cycling, kayaking, golf, etc.) (27%)
  • At the bar or restaurant (26%)
  • Use social media (25%) (tied)
  • Stayed at a hotel (25%) (tied)
  • On the beach (25%)
  • Visiting museums or historic sites (25%)
  • Went on a group tour (24%)
  • Went on a cruise (24%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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