A New Survey Reveals The Biggest First Date “Icks”

You never know what you’re going to get when you go on a first date, and while it may take a little time to know whether a person is right for you, it often doesn’t take very long to discover they are absolutely the wrong choice. There are plenty of simple little things dates can do that signal you haven’t found a love match, and now a new survey reveals what are some of the worst.

  • A new survey set out to uncover the top “icks” of a first date, you know that dealbreaker move that will instantly turn you off from the person you are with.
  • Topping the list as the absolute worst “ick” is being rude to waitstaff (20%), followed by:
    • Arriving to the date late (17%)
    • Only speaking about themselves (15%)
  • Interestingly, 12% would be turned off if the person insisted on splitting the bill, yet 10% say not offering to split the bill is a big “ick.”
  • Some say another turn off is when a date insists you only order cheap items from a menu.
  • And another 10% find ordering food or drinks on their behalf, without asking what they actually want, to be a complete dealbreaker.

And even if a date goes well, some folks have sabotaged themselves by making some huge dating blunders.

  • The mistake most people say they were guilty of is accidentally calling their date by the wrong name (15%).
  • While 8% say they forgot their date’s name and then were too embarrassed to ask again.
  • Another big blunder? Some have admitted to accidentally sending a review of the date to the date instead of their friends or family.

Source: Metro UK

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