People Reveal The Dumb Rules Set By Their Strict Parents

Parents always think they know what’s best for children, but sometimes they take things a little too far. There are a lot of people out there who grew up with very strict parents, who made them follow strict, often ridiculous, rules, and now some folks are sharing what those rules were.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question “People who grew up with strict parents, what’s the dumbest rule you had to live with?,” and plenty of people had things to say. Responses include:

  • “We couldn't drink soda out of the can in public because only "common people" did that.”
  • “My phone had to be downstairs and plugged in in our kitchen, my parents had to know my password, and could read or open my phone at any time.”
  • “Don't make loud toast.... yes, toast...”
  • “I got beaten for flushing the toilet too loud once.”
  • “I couldn't see the same person multiple times in a row?? I had to hang out with a different friend before I could see them again?? I still have 0 idea what the logic there was, it was the rule for ANY friend I saw consistently.”
  • “I couldn’t have a Walkman because it would “make me antisocial. ‘Then how come all the kids with lots of friends have them?’ went over as well as you think it did.”
  • “I wasn't allowed to see most of the TV series kids watch because they were '’violent,’ ‘distracting' or 'a bad influence.’ Basically, when my friends talk about they're childhood series or TV shows the only thing I say is '’sounds interesting'.’”
  • “You can't close your door, if you do we remove it.”
  • “Everyone has to go to bed at the exact same time (9:00PM) because the youngest "wouldn't be able to sleep if other people were awake" he was 11.”
  • “My dad wouldn't let me ride in the front seat of a car, I sat in the front seat for the first time when I was 20.”
  • “I wasn't allowed to hang out with anyone whose parents smoked cigarettes because they thought I would start smoking them if I did.”
  • “Wasn’t allowed to text "lmao" because A meant a**." 

Source: Reddit

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