Why You Should Avoid The Pool With The Swim-Up Bar

Nobody wants to get out of the pool when they are having a great time on vacation, which is why so many hotels will offer swim-up bars so you can get your drink on without ever getting out. But one TikToker reveals why you should avoid this experience at all costs.

A TikToker named Whitney has gone viral for her tip on why you should never go swimming in a pool with a swim-up bar. “Vacation pro tip: do not hang out in the pool where the swim-up bar is," Whitney shared in a video showing swimmers by the bar. “There was literally intoxicated guests admitting that they're peeing in the pool here.”

The video quickly racked up 3.6 million views and 2,400 comments, with many folks confessing they were guilty of the practice.

  • "I am one of those intoxicated guests peeing in the pool," one person shared, while another commented, “All swim up bars are toilets.”
  • Another shared, "Noticed this the first night in Mexico. When the lights were out and the pool lights were on, the swim up bar was yellow."
  • But others suggested the whole thing is no big deal.
    • “There's so much chlorine you're fine," one wrote, although another shot back, "There isn't enough chlorine to clear that up.”

Source: Newsweek

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