“Small But Significant” Things To Know About Your S.O. After Six Months

How well do you know your partner? According to therapist Jeff Guenther, there are some things people should know about their significant other after being in a relationship for six months. In a TikTok on the topic, he lists 15 “small but very significant” things he thinks couples should know about each other when they’ve been dating for half a year.

  1. How do they want to celebrate their birthday?
  2. How much alone time, if any, do they need?
  3. What's their favorite food?
  4. What turns them on and gets them in the mood?
  5. How long do they need to get ready and head out the door?
  6. What's their favorite TV show, movie, and band?
  7. What's their most controversial take?
  8. Who's their best friend, and why?
  9. What family member triggers them the most?
  10. What will instantly make them laugh?
  11. What's their biggest insecurity?
  12. What's the best way to support them when they're stressed or upset?
  13. What do they ultimately want from this relationship?
  14. What do they allow themselves to splurge on financially?
  15. What's their biggest guilty pleasure?

Guenther explains that the questions “might seem silly or unimportant on their own, but when put together, can give you an intimate picture of who the person really is.” But don’t feel bad if you can’t answer all of these about your S.O., he says most of us probably won’t be able to, but he adds that going through the list together is a “fun little exercise that creates more closeness.”

Source: Insider

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