People Admit Things They're “Too Old” For

There comes a point in everyone’s life where they no longer find the same things fun and exciting as they did when they were younger. But coming to the realization that’s the case isn’t always easy.

Well, now some folks who have accepted that they’ve outgrown the fun of their youth are sharing, after someone on Reddit posed the question, “What's a thing you say "Naa, too old for that sh*t?"

Responses include:

  • “Nightclubs. If I can't have a seat, get to the bar and toilet easily and hear what you're saying, count me out.”
  • “I'm sleeping on the ground. If I arrive late and drunk and you don't have a spare room, I'll check into a hotel because my pocketbook is in better shape than my back at this age.”
  • “Wearing high heels. I need to save my knees for kneeling in the garden and other activities.”
  • “Drama and infighting between 30+ year old adults.”
  • “Mosh pits at metal concerts.”
  • “Arguing about musical taste - or, worse, the incessant desire to define "who you are" based on the music you listen to.”
  • “Answer: going to 'standing room only" events. I'm too old to stand during a whole event. I reserve a table, music is just as good from the side or it is close to the stage.”
  • “Any drinking establishment that requires patrons to wait in line to enter.”
  • “Parties that begin post 9 pm.”
  • “Dating. Especially with people that are still "trying to figure out who they are". Also with people who don't know what they want. And who has no idea what relationships actually are.”
  • “Helping people move.”

Source: Reddit

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