The Thursday Dating App.. It Only Works One Day A Week

Looking for a new dating app to try? What about one that only works one day a week? That’s right, George Rawlings, wanted to create a new app that addressed “dating fatigue” and he did, by launching “Thursday.” As the name applies, it only works on Thursdays. In the last nine months, the app has been downloaded 750,000 times.

Why just one day a week? "I really do believe we've overdosed on dating apps,” Rawlings explains. “They've been around now for 10-15 years and the novelty of a match or swiping has kind of worn off. I used to run my previous dating app seven days a week, but matches weren't resolving in dates – the conversations didn't go anywhere.”

Why Thursdays? Rawlings noticed via his old dating app that it peaked on Thursdays… like double the amount of people logging on that day compared to other days. “We thought we'd make a small window of opportunity for people who want to go on, or organize a date that day,” he notes. “It forces people to act."

Not only does the app give you the opportunity to chat online (only on Thursdays, of course) but it also hosts face-to-face singles events (again, only on Thursdays, duh) in both NYC and London.

Source: BBC

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