Things That Have No Reason Existing In 2022...But Still Do

Have you ever stopped to wonder why something is still a thing in this day and age when it seems obvious it should have become obsolete a long time ago? Well, apparently a lot of people have and they have some strong thoughts on the subject.

Someone on Reddit recently posed the question “What has no reason to exist in 2022, but yet it does?,” and plenty of people where happy to share their two cents.

Responses include:

  • "An inkjet printer." “It's the fossil fuel industry of offices."
  • “"Areas that have poor or no cell reception even though it 100% feels like it should. An example being a campsite just five minutes from a popular town."
  • “Ticketmaster service fees — heck all online ticket brokering service fees."
  • “Pennies.” "Apparently, getting rid of pennies is somehow 'communism,' even though it would save the government money.”
  • "Pay phones. I still see them in my city."
  • "Uploading your resume and then manually filling out all the same information on a separate page when applying for a job."
  • “Automated scam calls about my car's warranty expiring."
  • “Non-resealable cereal bags. C'mon now!"
  • “Places that only accept cash and no form of electronic payment like Apple Pay or contactless.”
  • “"The ability to still steal a vehicle. After all these years, we still can't come up with some kind of technology that makes it 100% impossible to steal a vehicle once and for all?”
  • “Telephone books. One was recently delivered to my house and went directly into the recycle bin."
  • “Home phones. Like, what do you even need them for?" 

Source: BuzzFeed

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