Most of Us Enjoy & Take Pride In Cleaning Our Home

While for some, cleaning their home is probably the last thing they’d ever want to spend their time doing, it turns out there are plenty of people who actually enjoy the process.

A new Stanley Steamer poll finds:

  • 70% of people admit to feeling like a new person once they’ve cleaned their home.
  • 48% get excited by seeing the results of their cleaning.
  • Another 42% love the smell of their clean home.
  • 47% are so proud of their clean home they will actually brag about it to others.
  • And oddly, 60% say they sometimes purposefully mess up their house to make it more satisfying when they clean it.

But there are plenty of people who have cleaning issues.

  • 65% of people admit they never get their house as clean as they really want it to be.
  • 57% don’t actually trust themselves to clean their house properly.
  • And there are certainly areas in the home that don’t get the cleaning attention they need, including:
    • Windows (30%)
    • Back of the TV (30%)
    • Underneath the furniture (29%)
  • More than half of people actually worry their home isn’t really clean, even if it looks like it is.
  • ONE MORE THING! It turns out there are some people who even though they may not like to clean, like watching others do it. In fact, two-thirds of Americans say they enjoy scrolling through #CleanTok, meaning they like cleaning videos on TikTok. Plus 64% say they enjoy watching such videos more than cleaning themselves. 

Source: Study Finds

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