Lowkey Weddings Are Still Trending

Two years ago, weddings everywhere were being postponed, adjusted, or canceled altogether. As a result, the U.S. Wedding Market report estimates that 2.5 million weddings will happen in 2022 (the most in a single year in more than 30 years). However, those who adjusted their wedding plans spawned a new trend: lowkey weddings.

  • 35% of couples are inviting fewer people
  • Only 49% plan to have a party or a reception
  • Weddings with less than 100 guests are up by 11%
  • More and more people are also choosing to elope

While lingering COVID concerts could be part of the reason for lowkey weddings, therapist Landis Bejar LMHC suggests “a small wedding allows for more control.” Clinical psychologist Jocelyn Charnas, Ph.D. adds, “more people are making decisions about their weddings based on themselves and what they and their partners want, rather than on the expectations of others.”

Here’s how having a low-key wedding can support your mental well-being, according to “Well and Good.”

  • It may be less stressful to plan and execute
  • You can opt out of certain expenses (and the money conflicts that can follow)
  • You can ensure the final event feels like “you”

Source: Well and Good

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