Women Reveal Their Petty Dating Dealbreakers

When we think of the kind of partner we want in our life, most of us have a good idea of the characteristics we hope they have - and sometimes more importantly, don’t have. We all have our own dealbreakers and they can be really important things, like not putting up with someone lying or cheating, but they can also be a little more trivial.

A Reddit thread in the Ask Women section has people sharing their most petty dealbreakers and these are some of the things that women admit makes them uninterested in dating someone:

  • “I refuse to date a cop”
  • “People with no tolerance for spicy food.”
  • “Spitting in public places. It disgusts me.”
  • “If they are into crypto or NFTs, or if they think Elon Musk is a genius.”
  • “Not into anyone obsessed with watching sports. Like nah I can't do anything on Sunday, there's a game. No thanks.”
  • “Music snobbery. Having a difference in music taste is one thing but behaving vile towards a band/song you genuinely enjoy … nope. Add to that a suggestion of what one “should” like. See ya.”
  • “I have several dealbreakers but specifically petty?? If I see a man in flip flops, my ovaries immediately shrivel up. Especially if he wears them with jeans.”
  • “If they don’t know the difference between their, there and they’re or you’re and your”
  • “Longer torso/shorter legs kinda bothers me”
  • “Not knowing a single thing about pop culture/current events.”
  • “Dudes my age that say "vibe" and stick their tongues out in photos. It's just unappealing after your 20s.”
  • “People who let their dogs kiss them on/in the mouth. I’ve never once met a dog that doesn’t lick their genitals.”

Source: Reddit

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