These Are The Most Frustrating Tasks At Work

Even if you are lucky enough to love your job, there are always some tasks that can leave you frustrated, and now a new survey looks at what some of those tasks are.

A new poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of UiPath finds:

  • 48% of employees say sending emails is the most irritating and frustrating part of their workday.
  • Other frustrating tasks include:
    • Creating new products or services (40%)
    • Inputting data, scheduling calls and meetings (38%)
    • Hosting or sitting in on meetings (37%)
    • Speaking to managers and team members (37%)
    • Helping their customers (37%) 
  • One of the most mundane tasks folks hate dealing with is the amount of paperwork they deal with each day (59%).
  • 48% are sick of dealing with outdated software, while 47% have had enough of the repetitiveness of their jobs. 

What is so frustrating about some of these tasks is that many of them don’t necessarily need to be done by a person.

  • In fact, 66% of people say the majority of their workday is taken up by tasks that could easily be automated.
  • 74% say they’d be able to focus on more fulfilling tasks if automation dealt with the more mundane stuff.
  • Ways automation would improve performance include:
    • Creating opportunities to focus on more important work (51%)
    • Saving money (e.g., by reducing cost of human errors) (50%)
    • Improving employees’ work/life balance (48%)
    • Increasing productivity (46%)
    • Saving time (45%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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