People Share The Clear Signs You’re Getting Old

While age is just a number, and a lot of people don’t actually feel as old as they really are, there are some things that, on occasion, will make them feel their age, if not even older.

Well, now folks are sharing what those things are, after someone on Reddit posed the question, “What’s a clear sign you’re getting old?” Responses include:

  • “While watching my sprinklers and asking myself if I need to adjust them slightly to get better cover.”
  • “I hate loud noises. Just want to be sitting on my deck enjoying the nice weather.”
  • “When you’re creating an account for a website and you have to scroll forever until you get to your year of birth.”
  • “You're not an adult until you get excited about something mundane, like a new frying pan.”
  • “Never-ending joint/back/neck/ pain.”
  • “I make more noises when I get off the couch and sit down in things. Involuntary ones. Oh, and a Costco membership excites me.
  • “When they start playing the music you used to listen to in high school while out grocery shopping.”
  • “How much I value a good night sleep now vs when I was in my teens / early 20’s.”
  • “You can tell incoming weather with your joints. You have purse Advil, house Advil, work Advil and car Advil. You do household chores to the same music you used to get sloppy drunk at the bar to.”
  • “Not recognizing the TV shows that memes come from.”
  • “When you stop learning who the new young celebrities/pop stars/sports stars are and you don't really care to try.”
  • “When your doctor is younger than you.”

Source: Reddit

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