Women Reveal The Things About Men That Confuse Them

No matter how much ladies may think they have men all figured out, there are just some things many of us will never understand. And now gals are sharing some of the things they are still perplexed by.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question “Women of Reddit, What do men do that confuses you?,” with plenty of gals more than happy to share.

Responses include:

  • “That they can have friends- they've known them for years- but not have picked up more than basic information about them.”
  • “Trying to impress women by doing things that would only impress other men.”
  • “Put their clothes beside the hamper not in the hamper.”
  • “Refusing to go to the doctor.”
  • “The whole alpha/beta/omega/sigma thing. Just sounds like zodiac signs for guys imo.”
  • “I am 22 years old, and I work as a waitress in a small town. There are several men, most 70+, who think it's okay to rub your arm, back, or hip when they talk to you.”
  • “Intentionally hurt themselves or put themselves in situations there's a high likelihood of getting hurt. For example, staring down a lit bottle rocket launcher. Taking turns wacking each other in the nads. Touching an electric fence "just to see how bad it is". Etc.”
  • “How do you just fall asleep? Just lay down and fall asleep immediately.”
  • “I never understood the fascination some men have with driving loud cars.” “Spit in public.”
  • “Men can do that exaggerated walk when their balls stick to their legs and nobody bats an eye. I adjust my bra and people stare at me like I’m I’ve just committed the eighth deadly sin.”

Source: Reddit

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