Dating Etiquette Expert Reveals What Makes A Date Tacky vs. Classy

A dating etiquette expert revealed to “The Sun” the difference between a classy first date and a tacky one. For example, taking your date to a fast-food joint or a coffee shop is one of “the tackiest, most low effort” places you could take a date. Planning to get a little drunk at dinner? Don’t – it’s also tacky. And guys! DO NOT ask her to split the bill.

Here are some more ways to keep it classy on a date, according to a dating etiquette expert:

  • Keep the date to around 90 minutes. It’s long enough to determine a spark and short enough to make them want to see you again.
  • Focus on making them feel special and important.
  • Dress to impress but make sure you’re comfortable
  • Don’t try to show off or prove how amazing you are
  • Men, ask the lady to text you to let you know she got home safely.

Source: The Sun

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