The Biggest Red Flag Women Miss When Dating

We previously told you how women aren’t wasting their time dating these days. They’re getting right to it! So when a man is asked to define the relationship, the pressure is on. Pay attention to how they respond.

Aly McDonald is a dating coach on TikTok. She says one specific response “should have women running for the hills.” According to McDonald, the biggest red flag that most women miss is when a guy says “I don't want to put any pressure on it, I don't want to put a label on it, we'll just see where it goes.”

  • This is problematic because it offers false hope. "They know what they want and it's probably not a relationship. So stop wasting your own time and only go out with people who know what they want," McDonald said.
  • The timing of this comment is also important. If it’s coming months into dating, then you should walk away right then and there.

Source: The Sun

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