Parents Reveal What They Miss Most About Life Before Kids

While most moms and dads love being parents, there are definitely some things many miss about their pre-parent life. Well, now folks are sharing.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question “What do you miss most about life before kids?,” and there certainly wasn’t a shortage of answers. Responses include:

  • “Sleeping in. Going on dates. Travelling.”
  • “Not cooking 3 meals a day, every day, for all eternity. Turns out small children are not self sufficient, and will die of scurvy if you don’t cook for them and give them vegetables on a regular basis.”
  • “Leaving the house without packing a bag like you're off on a mini-break.”
  • “I just can’t leave if a friend calls and invites me to a party, a game or anything in a short notice. With a child everything needs to be planned.”
  • “Mental calm and silence. I never knew that kids meant your brain would be constantly filled with kid noises and to do lists and just thoughts about your kids—anything from ailments or what you want to do with them this weekend.”
  • “Being able to properly rest when you are sick. When you are sick or your child is sick or both, it really sucks.”
  • “I miss sleep. I never knew what true fatigue was until I had a child who doesn't believe in anything more than the bare minimum sleep. I also miss doing any and all bathroom activities on my own.”
  • “Laying on the beach getting tan without having to make sure my toddler doesn’t drown. But really, that’s it.”
  • “Being able to go shopping and really take your time looking at everything. Trying on stuff.”
  • “Pooping by myself.” 

Source: Reddit

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