People Reveal How To Recognize Their Own Red Flags

We are always hearing people share the red flags they see in friends, dates, etc, but what if you yourself is the one sending up that red flag? It’s not always easy to recognize when your own behavior is suspect, but now folks are sharing how to identify that.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question "How does one recognize their own red flags?,” with plenty of people happy to school others. Responses include:

  • "Ask yourself, 'Is it something I can tolerate if done to me?' It's a good starting metric. Then grow and think of what others within reason would consider."
  • "When people say things like, 'When I first met you I thought...'"
  • "When people leave your life or cut you off and you think it's just them. Sure, maybe after the first couple times, but if you can never hold onto friendships and people are constantly leaving your life, it might be something that you're doing wrong."
  • "Look at the red flags in your parents. There's a good chance you got them, too."
  • "If I'm being entirely honest, I think most of the time people don't realize their own red flags until the consequences of their actions affect themselves or someone they love and care for."
  • "If everyone is avoiding eye contact with you, you might be doing something that makes them uncomfortable or nervous."
  • "If you're getting the same reaction from everyone you meet, it's not them, it's you."
  • "Ask someone you trust and will believe to point them out for you."
  • "Actually LISTEN when people tell you about your red flags."

Source: BuzzFeed

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