People Reveal The Petty Reasons They Said No To A Second Date

There are a lot of reasons someone may say no to a second date, like say lack of chemistry, or having nothing in common, but not every reason may make sense. In fact, there are plenty of people who have put a stop to a potential relationship for small, petty things, and now those people are sharing. 

Back in March 2020, a Twitter user named Leah Howard asked people to share their “petty” reasons for never wanting to see someone again. And while the initial post garnered several hundred responses, for some reason it recently went viral again, with tons of people ready to share their shocking reasons. 

Responses include:

  • “He blinked too much and had tiny hands for being 6ft.”
  • “He would crumble potato chips into his soup.”
  • “Her room was cold and she wasn’t tryna turn the heating on.”
  • “He had a leather vape.”
  • “He lost his balance on the train as soon as it started moving.”
  • “Saw him eat a salad with ranch dressing on it, it got kinda messy and I didn’t like how his mouth was moving.”
  • “Dropped a coin at a counter and chased it as it rolled away. He never got it.”
  • “Approached me and asked if I wanted a drink. He then asked me to pay for both our drinks and he would pay me back.”
  • “Asked me if the ‘A’ on my anklet stood for ankle?”
  • “I thought of how cringe it would be to watch him eat a burger.”
  • “'She started running and it just didn’t look right.”
  • “Asked to put one of my hairs in his food so he could complain and get his money back.”
  • “Typed with one index finger on his phone in public.”

Source: The Mail

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