People Share Things They Desperately Wanted, Then Regretted Getting

Have you ever desperately wanted something, only to instantly kick yourself once you had it? That saying “Be careful what you wish for” has never been more true for some Redditors who replied to a recent thread. It asks, “What is something you thought you wanted, but really regretted afterwards?”

The responses are full of regret and bad decisions, and these are some of the best:

  • “An open relationship.”
  • “A backyard pool. I always wanted one until I had one. It was a huge pain in the a**.”
  • “My art degree from a private institution. It’s “nationally accredited “ which means it's useless.”
  • “Buying a new ski boat. Expensive, too big to keep in the garage and burned $80 in gas in an afternoon (when gas was still affordable)... A happy day is when you buy a boat. A happier day is when you sell it.”
  • “A business. Supposedly my dream job….but I haaaate it. I own a bakery that I’ve run for 13 years. It’s successful, always paid its bills….but it’s definitely zapped the joy out of a hobby.”
  • “Massage chair. I enjoyed the demo in the shop, that's about it.”
  • “Joining the military. I miss my hearing.”
  • “Waterbed. Biggest waste of money. Spent 1k on the most uncomfortable bed ever. Practically broke my back and sold it for 100 after just a year of using it.”
  • “Fridge with a bottom freezer. I hate it every time I open it. I used to think it would be great because I’m short. Wrong.”
  • “A job with Nintendo.”
  • “A lip piercing. I have NOTHING against the look or idea. But I took mine out 11 years ago and still have a blatant hole beneath my lip. 😬”
  • “A $1200 versace watch to impress a girl that I met off Facebook that I never ended up meeting in real life”
  • “Being an adult…”

Source: Reddit

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