Signs You Need A Digital Detox

You’re probably familiar with what a “digital detox” is here in the year 2022. But in case you aren’t, a digital detox is an extended break from technology that includes strict limits on social media. The purpose is to reshape your thinking and your attitude toward technology and hopefully, even make you less dependent on it.

Wellness influencer Joshua Becker proclaims he found the most effective time frame of a digital detox to be about a month-long at 29 days. Here are signs that an extended digital detox could be just what you need.

  • You spend more time on your devices than you intended
  • You feel guilt or dissatisfaction after spending time with your electronic devices
  • You are motivated by a fear of missing out
  • You experience urges to check and check again
  • You never have enough time in your day

Source: Mind, Body, Green

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