What Your Candy Preferences Say About You

Who doesn’t love candy? Not many people, but the type of candy a person likes does vary, and a new survey conducted by Jelly Belly ahead of National Jelly Bean Day (April 22nd) finds:

  • Plenty of Americans have a sweet tooth.
  • In fact, 75% of people say they eat candy once a week.
  • 27% admit to eating some sort of candy every day.
  • And what candy you enjoy does say a lot about you.
  • Sour Candy fans, for example, tend to be extroverted (59%)
  • Plus, they are more likely to consider themselves:
    • “Eccentric” (53%)
    • Funny (50%)
    • Sarcastic (51%)

Meanwhile those who love chocolate are more likely to say they are optimistic (76%), as well as:

  • Shy (67%)
  • Thoughtful (78%)

How often you eat candy also says something about your personality.

  • Those who say they eat candy every day are more likely to be night owls (43%) rather than early birds (17%).

 And while sharing your candy is a nice thing to do, not everyone is ready to do so.

  • While 42% of people say they are very willing to share their candy with family and friends, 20% would rather keep it to themselves.
  • That’s true for twice as many women as men.

Source: SWNS Digital

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