People Share Simple Habits That Positively Affect Their Lives

Sometimes, hearing about other people’s daily routines and rituals that have a positive impact on their lives can help you bring the same to your own life. Reddit may not be the place you think of for beneficial and encouraging life advice, but a recent thread actually provides some.

A user asks, “What’s a simple habit you practice daily that helps you stay positive?” And these are some of the helpful responses:

  • “I sit outside in silence and be still in the moment listening to nature.”
  • “Practicing gratitude is huge. Been doing it for over a year now and it’s great, especially being able to look back at past days and other good memories.”
  • “Singing in the car. It’s tough to be in a bad mood while singing.”
  • “Feel your emotions, pick them apart, try to understand why they came up, but don't let them control you.”
  • “Toxic, dramatic people — just shut them out. Co-workers, family. Don’t care, can’t hear you. I have an average life to live. Don’t try to spice it up with your reality tv show nonsense.”
  • “I force myself to smile for a few seconds.”
  • “Stretching for five minutes everyday is almost a ritual for me.”
  • “Talk yourself up with positive phrases throughout the day.”
  • “Try to be nice to everyone, no matter when or where.”
  • “I make my bed every morning. It's weird but makes me have a better day.”
  • “I try my best to tell myself all the things I like about myself and all the important people that I have helped in my life.”
  • “Meditate every day! It makes a life-changing difference in your mindset and happiness.”
  • “I block people online that have an energy or an attitude I don't want to be impacted by.”
  • “The holy trinity: exercise, sleep, diet. These three things alone will go a long way. Don't neglect them.”

Source: Reddit

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