Parenting Trends Some People Strongly Disagree With

It only makes sense that over the years parenting has evolved, because as the world changes, so does parenting. But for some, not all parenting changes are happening for the better, and now some folks are sharing.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question, “What parenting 'trend' do you strongly disagree with?,” and there were plenty of opinionated folks ready to share their thoughts.

Responses include:

  • “Raising your kids on YouTube/Instagram/TikTok before they're old enough to decide how much privacy they want in their lives,”
  • “Videoing kids at their worst moments and then posting it on social media.”
  • “Coddling sons while holding daughters to higher standards.”
  • “Making your kid do tons of extracurriculars, we all want our kids to succeed in life but they deserve to have a childhood and do things they want!”
  • “Not knocking “because what if the kid is secretly running a highly illegal business in there” Like please, knock. It will save you and your kids from discomfort.”
  • “Handing tablets/iPads to toddlers and basically tell them to amuse themselves. Blows my mind how common that is in my area.”
  • “'Enriching' every single moment of your kids' lives. THAT is how you get burned out parents. Throw the little buggers outside with two sticks and rock. And make 'em share the rock!”
  • “Elf on the shelf.”
  • “Using cutesy language/ non- proper terms for body parts, things etc...”
  • “Taking kids into traditionally adult only spaces like breweries or wineries. You don't need to take your kids along to get drunk with your buddies. Either pick up something to go or drop your kids off with somebody else first.”
  • “Ear piercing babies. Let them decide. Don't put your vanity onto your baby. ESPECIALLY with piercing guns.”
  • “Using tracking devices on your kids car or phone. Sorry but that’s creepy and only messses up their ability to trust anyone.”

Source: Reddit

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