A Third Of Women Don’t Remember What Their Natural Hair Color Is

There are a lot of reasons women color their hair. They could be trying to look younger or they just may want a change of pace. But regardless of the reason, it seems a lot of women have been coloring their hair so much, they barely remember what their original color was in the first place.

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Better Natured of women 42 to 57 finds:

  • The average woman hasn’t had their hair their natural color since 2019.
  • 49% have been dying their hair a color other than what they were born with between two and six years.
  • 32% say they barely remember what their natural color is anymore.
  • And another 32% in relationships don’t think their partner even knows what their real color hair is.
  • 46% are sure that nobody actually knows they color their hair.

And many started coloring their hair pretty young.

  • Two-thirds of those polled say they started coloring their hair before 30.
  • The average respondent has had about five different hair colors throughout their life.
  • As for the top reasons women color their hair, they include:
    • To keep themselves looking young (28%)
    • To express themselves (28%)
    • Boredom (21%)
    • It was recommended by a spouse or partner (21%)
    • To embrace their age (21%)
    • Their hairdresser suggested it (20%)

And when we talk hair color, we don’t necessarily mean blonde, brunette or red.

  • In fact, one third of women say they’ve considered coloring their hair a unique color, including:
    • Purple (41%)
    • Pink (38%)
    • Blue (35%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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