Makeup Brushes May Be Dirtier Than Toilets

When was the last time you gave your makeup tools a good cleaning? Most of us slack on this task, but new research reminds us just how important it is to regularly wash them. A new study out of the U.K. analyzed makeup brushes to see what happens if they’re not properly cleaned after only being used a few times and it’s pretty cringeworthy.

Researchers took samples from 12 makeup brushes and then analyzed them under a microscope. And you may want to brace yourself for the nastiness they found on the cosmetic appliers we use on our faces - the tools were covered in mold, bacteria, yeast and other microbes. The findings reveal:

  • The worst offenders were the eyeshadow brush, with 928 combined colony forming units of yeast and bacteria, the blusher brush, with 697.5 combined colony forming units and the lip gloss with 625 combined colony forming units.
  • The eyeshadow brush sample was totally overgrown with fuzzy blue and green mold.
  • The foundation brush sample was streaked with blood-red bacteria.
  • And even worse, 11 of the 12 brushes tested were filthier than the average toilet seat

The thing is, these aren’t just gross, they could actually be spreading infection. “Even after a person uses a makeup brush for the first time, it will already be forming colonies of bacteria,” explains Dr. Suhail Alam, medical director at the Aventus Clinic, which conducted the research. “With daily use, the brushes will automatically start collecting dirt, pollutants, oil and dead skin cells, which is why make-up brushes act as a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to breakouts and skin irritations.”

  • He adds that if a contaminated brush comes into contact with the eye, it could cause allergic reactions or infections.
  • And the fix to avoid all this? Simply cleaning your makeup brushes properly every week.

Source: Daily Mail

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