Women Reveal The Things Men Think Are Harmless But Totally Annoy Them

There are a lot of things men can do that annoy women; some of those things can be obvious, while other times men don’t realize what they are doing is causing a gal to silently fume. Well, now some women are ready to school the opposite sex. 

Someone on Reddit posed the question “what is something men think is harmless but actually pisses women off?,” and plenty of women were happy to chime in. Responses include:

  • “You’re cute when you’re mad,” while someone added, “That has to be the most invalidating thing someone can hear when they are mad.”
  • “For being a girl you’re surprisingly really good at doing ____”.
  • “Picking fights with people so you can demonstrate that you are a True Alpha Male.”
  • “Saying "it must be that time of the month."
  • “Catcalling, apparently.” “No, I don't appreciate getting hit on by some 40 year old guys when I'm 14. It is definitely not a complement.”
  • “Telling us to smile or relax.”
  • “That's not very ladylike.”
  • “Once had a guy in college tell me I’d be really hot if I put some effort in the morning. 8am class and I was a bartender with a bf. 100% dgaf about trying to turn you on bro.”
  • “"You're too pretty to work this job."
  • “Do not touch my waist or hips and excuse it by saying “just trying to scoot by” Use your words if you need to walk behind me. You wouldn’t do this to a man. I know what you’re doing. It’s not clever.”
  • “Calling them "baby" and "sweetheart" like immediately after meeting. Ugh that is such a cringey thing to do when they aren't even aware of what your first name is.”


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