Divorce Attorney Warns Women To Avoid Partners With These Jobs

If anyone has seen people at the worst points in their relationships, it’s divorce lawyers. And they learn a lot about couples and what works and more importantly, what doesn’t, through what they see on the job. As a result, one divorce lawyer is sharing her knowledge with other women to help them in future relationships.

Katie K. Leonard, founder and managing partner of The Leonard Firm in Atlanta, is revealing the top five careers she says women should avoid in a husband. “Over the course of my career, I’ve watched my most difficult cases and shockingly, many of them involved men in these five professions,” she explains in a viral TikTok video. In no particular order, these are the worst jobs for women’s spouses to have, according to Leonard:

  • Firemen
  • Police officers
  • Military men
  • Surgeons
  • And pilots

She says all of these professions have one thing in common - the men are “treated like gods” in these careers. The divorce lawyer notes that there are “outliers” and that not all men in these jobs fall into this trend, but based on her experience, men in these careers tend to be more “narcissistic” and “controlling,” which makes them more difficult to deal with during a divorce.

  • And on the flip side, Leonard advises men to avoid marrying stay-at-home moms. "When you're divorcing a stay-at-home mom, they're paralyzed with fear, and rightfully so because their whole lives are about to change," she says.

Source: Insider

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