Bedroom Trends That Are In And Out In 2022

Interior designers shared with “Insider” the bedroom trends that are growing and declining in popularity here in 2022. Here are the bedroom trends that are currently in. 

  • Cottagecore – Blending cozy and chic, the cottagecore aesthetic will be taking over bedrooms all 2022.
  • Minimal, casual bedding – Fewer frills and bold patterns and more solid-colored duvets.
  • Biophilic elements – This trend is here to stay. People are continuing to want to feel connected to nature with plants inside their bedrooms.
  • Alternative seating – With people now working from home, they’re in search of relaxing spaces to decompress with a lot of them turning towards the bedroom. They need a place to sit though other than the bed.

…and here are the trends that are on their way out.

  • White-painted furniture - Natural finishes like wood and rattan make a place feel cozier.
  • Matching, symmetrical decor - A perfectly symmetrical bedroom isn’t as appealing as a room that embodies one's personality.
  • Multiple-accent-pillows - Fewer pillows are the way to go now. "Simplicity is key," as the lead designer at Rumor Designs Lindsey Jamison says.
  • TVs - That’s right! People are more into making their bedrooms their “sanctuaries” these days meaning their TVs stay out in the living room.

Source: Insider

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