Women Share The Weird Reasons They Broke Up With Someone

While there are all sorts of reasons why someone may end a relationship, or even just a first date, some reasons are more common, and understandable, than others. Well, now some folks are sharing some of the not-so-normal reasons why they broke up with someone. 

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question, “What was the weirdest reason you've broken up with someone?,” and plenty of folks were happy to chime in. 

Reasons include:

  • “Mine was a guy who ordered nothing but a footlong at Subway with mustard and cheese.”
  • “He burped in my mouth while we were kissing...We were 16 lmao.”
  • “He wanted me to sell my car so he could pay rent. I declined.”
  • “He went into a drunken rage when I forgot that the Beatles sang a particular song. Obviously there’s more to the story, but that was the beginning of the end.”
  • “He refused to drive anywhere…and when he drove with me, his friends or his family, he wanted to sit in the back and be chauffeured.”
  • “Never wiped food from his mouth after eating. I can't even smell Doritos without gagging...”
  • “I saw their feet…I just hate feet not just theirs but everyone’s. If I see anything from the ankle down I’m disgusted. Shouldn’t have been much of a surprise, I told them about this a few times. Keep your socks on and we’re good. Didn’t listen.”
  • “He was too tall for me…I often times don't like the proportions of tall men and it makes them instantly unattractive to me, this bothered me more than I like to admit.”

Source: Reddit

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