Most of Us Don’t Consider Our Lifestyle Healthy, But Plan To Fix That

Each year people make resolutions to get healthy, but it sure sounds like not many folks are actually sticking to that.

A new survey conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Fullscript for World Health Day finds:

  • 53% of Americans say they don’t consider their lifestyle “healthy.”
  • As for what’s keeping them from adopting a healthy lifestyle, excuses include:
    • Don’t understand the best actions to take in order to be healthy (39%).
    • Being overwhelmed with different options (39%)
    • The cost (36%)
    • Lack of time (35%)
    • Lack of resources (35%)
    • Lack of support from loved ones (31%)
  • But many folks do plan to change their ways in order to get healthy.
  • The average person says they either started, or plan to start, focusing on their health by age 36.
  • The areas of their health they plan to focus on include:
    • Physical (78%)
    • Mindfulness/mental health (73%)
    • Nutrition/healthy eating (65%)
  • As for the steps they plan to take to improve their health, they include:
    • Healthy eating (43%)
    • Regular exercise (42%)
    • Taking time for myself every day (41%)
    • Taking vitamins and/or supplements (41%)
    • Regular movement (39%)
    • Cutting back on unhealthy things (smoking, alcohol, etc.) (39%)
    • Seeing my doctor regularly (39%)
    • Meditation (34%)
    • Cutting back on screen time (31%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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