Guys Reveal Female Insecurities They Don’t Really Care About

It’s not uncommon for women to feel insecure, whether it’s about how they look, act, or whatever. That’s especially true when it comes to dating and relationships, but it turns out many gals are being too hard on themselves, because often what they are insecure about, men don’t actually care about. 

Well, now men are sharing those insecurities women really shouldn’t concern themselves with, thanks to a Reddit thread in which someone asked, “Guys on Reddit, what’s something girls shouldn’t be insecure about?"

Responses include:

  • "I personally want to find the person that told women freckles should be covered up … Maybe it’s just me, but I have a serious weakness for freckles. From a dusting across the bridge of a woman’s nose to head-to-toe ginger freckles. I think they’re gorgeous."
  • "Breast size. A good portion of us don't care about that."
  • "Height! As a 5'9'' guy, I love girl's my height and even taller, so stand straight for God's sake!"
  • "Brains. Being a nerd is the new sexy."
  • "Being assertive. There's nothing wrong with a person being assertive, man or woman. There's no reason to be self-conscious about competence and knowledge. And assertiveness is just the expression of those."
  • "Your weight has nothing to do with self-worth."
  • "Their body hair. It's natural to have body hair."
  • "Their laugh. If you snort like a piggy, go on girl. Most of the time it's cute.
  • "Lack of long eyelashes. Literally, no dude has ever cared about eyelashes."
  • "Gray hairs, I love when you own it. Plus the silver streak kinda reminds me of Rogue from X-Men."

Source: BuzzFeed

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