Women Share Beauty Hacks They Swear By

We all have beauty tricks and tips that we’re devoted to because they work so well for us. And chances are, you didn’t come up with yours all on your own, you read or heard about it somewhere. When you find a winner, it’s nice to share it with others and a Reddit thread in the “Ask Women” section is here to help us learn by asking “What’s a beauty hack that you swear by?”

Hundreds of women have shared their responses and these are some of the best:

  • “Wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated.”
  • “I wholeheartedly believe that nothing is more attractive than a kind heart and a genuine smile.”
  • “Lotion!! Everywhere. Well.. not up in your business, but everywhere besides that.”
  • “Dermaplaning!! Don’t come at me with the ‘it’ll grow back thicker’ cause it works for me! My foundation looks soooo much better and brighter without all the little hairs in the way”
  • “I remind myself that I don’t personally find markers of age unattractive on other people. Why should I find myself unattractive because our culture devalues people with age.”
  • “No cigarettes or alcohol”
  • “Be consistent with your skin care routine. And manage your stress”
  • “Warm your mascara up between your boobs or thighs or under your arm before you apply it.”
  • “Soak your feet in hot water and Epsom Salt. Rub your feet together often while soaking. The water will become beige from all the dead skin that will come off!! Ewww, but nice soft feet!!”
  • “Don't pick your face! Wash your sheets & pillow cases regularly. Stay hydrated and never sleep in that makeup!”
  • “Chapstick for the lips , shea butter for the skin, and Moroccan oil in the hair. And a smile to remind me I’ve got another day.”
  • “I look at myself in the mirror, remind myself that I’m 34 years old, I’m doing the absolute best I can for what I can afford, and no one is looking as hard at my face and body as I am.”

Source: Reddit

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