Most of Us Will Share Candy-Filled Easter Baskets This Easter

Easter is only a couple of weeks away, and it sounds like a lot of people’s holiday will include yummy sweet treats.

A new report by the National Confectioners Association reveals:

  • 91% of Americans will share sweet treats with family and friends on Easter.
  • Over 90% of those making Easter baskets will put chocolate in them.
  • Confectionary sales for Easter totaled $4 billion last year and is expected to increase between 5% and 7% this season. 

So, what specifically do folks want includes in their Easter baskets? Well, the survey finds:

  • 44% of Americans say chocolate eggs and bunnies are their preferred Easter treat.
  • 20% would rather have jellybeans.
  • 18% enjoy candy-coated eggs.
  • 15% want marshmallow candies. 
  • But regardless of what candy they want, 84% agree that chocolate and candy is an essential part of Easter celebrations. 

Source: Candy USA

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