A Lot of Us are Feeling Overwhelmed By So Many Streaming Options

These days folks have a lot of choice when it comes to entertainment, thanks to the many streaming services out there. But while variety is good, it sounds like some people may have had enough.

Nielsen’s new “State of Play” report finds:

  • American's average weekly time streaming content has gone up 18% since last year.
  • It’s gone from 143.2 billion minutes streamed to 169.4 billon minutes from February of last year to February of this year. 
  • And it’s only expected to grow, with 93% of Americans saying they will either increase their streaming services, or make no changes to the ones they have.
  • 18% of Americans now pay for four streaming services, up from 7% in 2019.
  • As of February, 29% of viewers' total time watching TV was spent on content from streaming services.
  • 26.4%% was spent watching broadcast TV 

But all these options may just be too much for some.

  • In fact, 46% of Americans say they feel overwhelmed by how many services and platforms there are.
  • Those people say all the options make it hard for them to actually find content they want to watch.
  • And that’s pretty understandable, considering as of February, consumers could choose from over 817,000 program titles to watch, compared to more than 646,000 in December 2019.

Source: Nielsen

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