Hostess Is Giving Away Twinkies In Honor Of National Twinkies Day Tomorrow!

National Twinkie Day is tomorrow (April 6th) and in honor of the annual event, Hostess Brands is teaming up with the Gopuff delivery service to give away free Hostess Twinkies.

Want in? Go to the Gopuff app (available on IOS and Android) tomorrow and use the code FREETWINKIES22 at checkout will have the chance to win a free two-count package of Twinkies. Just note that there’s a limit of one per Gopuff account and subject to local availability.

Here are some Twinkies fun facts to gobble up:

  • Twinkies were created in 1930 by baker Jimmy Dewar
  • 1,123 Twinkies are produced per minute
  • More than one-million Twinkies are produced per day and 400-million per year
  • Each batch of Twinkie batter weights 2,000 pounds
  • Twinkies were originally filled with banana cream that was changed to vanilla cream during World War II due to banana rationing
  • The shelf life of Twinkies is only 45 days

In addition to the classic Twinkie flavor, they also come in banana, chocolate cake and mixed berry flavors


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