Foods That May Be Draining Your Energy

Do you always feel like you could use a good power nap? A lot of us do, according to the National Sleep Foundation, which reports that a majority of Americans say they feel sleepy an average of three days a week. A lot of things could be to blame, including your diet.

We’ve all felt the drowsy effects of a huge holiday meal, but certain foods can also actually lower your energy more than others. Cutting back on these energy-draining foods could help give you a boost:

  • Cola - Even if it has caffeine, it’s the sugary effects that can leave you less than perky. That’s because soda speeds through your system, giving you an instant rise, followed by a fall of blood-sugar levels, which can zap your energy.
  • Fast food burgers - With the burger, the bun and the condiments, you’re getting a meal high in salt, saturated fat, refined grains and added sugar. That high-fat, high-calorie combo can make you feel more tired after eating and the fries and drink you probably eat with it aren’t helping.
  • White bread - Refined carbs in sandwich bread, bagels, and pizza crust are digested quickly, giving you a spike in blood-sugar levels, the same way sugar does. It’s that blood-sugar crash that can tank your energy.
  • Frozen yogurt - It seems like a healthier alternative to ice cream, but the average scoop of fro yo has 32-grams of added sugar, which is over the max daily amount of 25 grams recommended for women. And all that sugar is tasty, but it’s not helping your energy levels.
  • Sugary cereals - These are one of the biggest sources of added sugar in our diets. Starting the day with refined grains and added sugar means your breakfast is working against you, so if you’re a fan of cereal, look for an unsweetened, whole-grain option to keep some pep in your step.

Source: Today

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