70% Of Singles Are "Hesidating" Right Now

The dating site “Plenty of Fish” is reporting on a new dating trend. “Hesidating” is described as "feeling indifferent about dating, unsure if you want to date seriously or casually because life, in general, is so uncertain right now.” Here’s why 70% of singles say they’re hesitating right now.

  • Therapist Stephanie Macadaan explains, "the last few years have been full of uncertainty, and for people who may already feel anxious or avoidant around relationships, this lack of safety and security can translate to fear of commitment and hesitation around getting into a relationship."
  • Additionally, people might not have the “emotional energy” to commit to something right now.
  • Others won’t commit because they’re overwhelmed by the idea of dating someone who isn’t a true match.

Here’s what makes someone a hesidater:

  • They shy away from vulnerability
  • They’re not at all that engaged
  • On the flip side, they might have too many questions, expectations, or be overly particular even if the other person “checks all the boxes”
  • You feel a shift in the energy they're putting into your interactions.
  • They avoid answering "heavier"-hitting questions
  • They flake at the last minute and can’t ever seem to find the time

Source: In Style

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