Women Reveal The Best And Worst Things About Aging

While some people dread getting older, once it happens many realize it’s not all that bad. Sure, there are some things about aging we could all do with out, but there are others that many learn to embrace. 

Well, now women are sharing both the good and the bad about aging, after someone on Reddit posed the question “What is the best part about getting older and what is the worst?”

Responses include:

  • “The best part is giving less f**ks about what others think of you; the worst part is realizing this attitude could have served you well when you were younger.”
  • “Best part, being confident with who I am…Worst, having to eliminate favorite foods from my life because my body no longer likes them.”
  • “Best part: I've never been more myself. I'll wear, listen to, and buy what I want without worrying people will think it's not "cool." Worst part: It's so much harder to find good friends … I have a lot of acquaintances, but my 30s are the loneliest decade so far.”
  • “Best part is becoming more independent and realizing because you're getting older you don't have time to waste on bullsh*t. The worst part is losing your cognitive abilities and physical functions.”
  • “Not caring about what men think of me. Realizing how much of my youth was spent caring about what men thought of me.”
  • “Best part- putting things in perspective and not getting worked up over stupid stuff. Worst part-everyday something different hurts and I can’t explain why.”
  • “Best: growing and maturing as a person Worst: Sounds my joints make anytime I move. It's alarming.”
  • “Best part: More money to splurge on stuff that I wasn’t able to afford before Worst part: Worry about parents getting older and weaker.”
  • “Best part is being in control of your own life and destiny, and also being able to not give a f*** about insignificant things. The worst is looking back on your life and sometimes wishing things were slightly different.”

Source: Reddit

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