Tips To Avoid Dating Burnout

We’ve all felt burnout at work, especially with all the changes and Zooms the last few years. But did you know it can happen with dating, too? According to’s chief dating expert Rachel DeAlto, dating burnout is as common as it is in the corporate world. The thing is, dating is supposed to be fun, so when it starts to feel like a chore or you lose interest or start feeling hopeless and negative about dating, you could be feeling that dreaded burnout.

DeAlto says dating burnout was going on long before online dating and it can happen “anytime daters are putting in a lot of effort, but not seeing the results they want.” These expert-backed tips can help you avoid all that.

  • Be mindful about your time - How much time should you put into dating? DeAlto recommends spending about 15 to 20 minutes a day on online dating. But it’s how you use that time that makes all the difference. Rather than mindlessly swiping and waiting for messages to roll in, use that time to thoughtfully consider your options and proactively start conversations. Think quality over quantity.
  • Take breaks - If you dread even opening your apps or feel like online dating is more like a second job, DeAlto says it may be time to take a break. Another sign to hit pause? If you’re not even excited at the idea of going out with someone new. Basically, if you’re not feeling positive about the process, don’t do it.
  • But don’t wait to get back out there - Just a week or two off can help you feel refreshed and ready to “approach the dating scene with hope,” which DeAlto says is the biggest thing when it comes to getting back on the apps after a break.
  • Know your dealbreakers - Knowing what you want is key and this expert recommends defining “four personality characteristics that you absolutely need in your person and only dating people who meet those.”
  • Pay attention to how you feel - You attract the energy you put out in the world, so if you’re always bringing the negativity, your matches will reflect that. Tune into your emotions so you don’t push yourself too far and can get back to having fun with the process.

Source: The Every Girl

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