Most of Us are Guilty of Bad Driving Behavior

April is Driving Awareness Month and it’s pretty evident that most people are not that aware of how bad a driver they really are.

A new Nationwide survey finds:

  • 85% of drivers would describe their driving as excellent or very good.
  • But only 29% of people would describe other drivers on the road with them the same way.
  • Overall, compared to 2020, most people say they’ve seen a lot of bad behavior on the road.
  • As for what they specifically mean:
    • 81% think drivers are more aggressive
    • 79% think drivers drive faster
    • 76% think drivers are more reckless
  • And many folks, even if they think they are good drivers, admit to some bad driving behavior.
  • Even though 66% of people say it’s dangerous to hold a cellphone to talk, text or use an app while driving, 51% have done so in the past six months.
  • That number goes up to 67% for Millennials.
  • Other bad driving behavior folks are guilty of over the past 12 months include:
    • Driving 10+mph over the speed limit (54%)
    • Eating while behind the wheel (53%)
    • Audibly yelled at another driver (23%)
    • Given an obscene gesture (21%)
    • Ran a stop sign/light (17%) 

Source: Nationwide

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