How to Stop Spending Too Much At Target

Do you find yourself running into Target to pick up three things and coming out with a full cart $150 later? If you do, you’re in good company and Target is actually notorious for tempting us to overspend. The retailer lures us in with affordable price points, but their massive selection and stylish products makes it so easy to go over budget.

So how can you avoid the Target overspending trap? These tips can help you reel in your spending on your next Target run.

  • Only visit the store when you need something specific - That means not going in just to see what’s on sale or new because once you set foot inside, you risk getting sucked into purchases you were never planning to make. So wait until you need laundry detergent and wrapping paper to go, even though chances are, you’ll still find an outfit or a plant stand that’s too good of a deal to pass up.
  • Make a list before you go - Having a shopping list will help keep you on track once you’re inside Target, where it’s easy to forget you only came for groceries after you see all the new throw pillows and stationary they have. That’s why making the list is easy, but sticking to it is the hard part.
  • Save up for bigger shopping trips ahead of time - If you know you’re going to be spending a lot of money at Target, like when you’re buying holiday gifts or home decor, consider saving up for the splurge to avoid putting it all on a credit card.
  • Order online - Another way to prevent roaming the aisles and filling your cart with all the cute stuff you didn’t know you needed before you saw it? Order what you need online and just stop by Target to pick it up. Sure, you’ll miss the thrill of finding bargains in the dollar bins or checking out the sale items, but that also helps keep your spending in check when you only needed razors and sunscreen to begin with.

Source: The Motley Fool

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