Sharing Finances Could Be Key To Lasting Love

Managing a budget and a bank account together may not seem romantic, but new research shows it pays to pool finances. The new study from Cornell University finds couples with joint bank accounts are more likely to stay together and are happier in their relationships. And it turns out, combining finances with your significant other may even be the secret ingredient to lasting-love.

Researchers discovered that couples with joint bank accounts tend to have a better connection and that their interactions are more positive, stable and safe. “We expected pooled finances to increase one’s level of dependence on their partner, as well as align the couple’s (financial) interests and goals,” explains lead study author Dr. Emily Garbinsky.

And what their research shows is that couples with shared finances have more harmony and commitment in serious relationships and marriages. According to the study, those couples often use “shared language” to describe their relationship, with words like “we,” “us” and “our,” as well as “affiliation words” like “agree,” “connect,” “kindness,” “listen,” and “peace.” Dr. Garbinsky says her team hopes their research can “help couples both decide how to organize their finances to maximize relationship quality and ultimately improve their well-being.”

Source: Study Finds

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