Our Top Online Shopping Regrets

While online shopping has made it easier to make purchases, that isn’t always a good thing. In fact, turns out a lot of people wind up disappointed with what they buy. A new Slickdeals survey finds:

  • 74% of Americans have some sort of buyer’s remorse when it comes to online purchases.
  • The most common regret people have is feeling as though the item they purchased is less valuable than what they spent for it (39%).
  • Other top regrets include:
    • Used product less frequently than expected (34%)
    • Spending too much money (32%)
    • Finding a better brand/version of the product (32%)
    • Having to pay for return shipping (31%)
    • Finding a promo code after the fact (31%)
    • Finding the item on sale after the fact (30%)
    • Missing the return window (28%)
    • Not buying a protection/insurance plan (26%)
    • Not getting a different color/size (26%) 
  • As for why they made such regrettable purchases.
    • 43% blame good advertising.
    • 42% say the product came in a color they like.
  • Almost 60% say they shopped online while drunk
  • 83% of those drunk shoppers say they wound up buying something “dumb and frivolous.

And it isn’t just one random regret here and there.

  • 73% of people say they’ve disliked up to 15 purchases that they’ve made.
  • 45% of people will wind up hiding their regrettable purchase where they can’t see it.
  • 39% will regift them.

Source: Slickdeals

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