Most Employees Who Quit During "The Great Resignation" Have Regrets

Wondering how those who quit their jobs during the “Great Resignation” are doing today? “Muse” surveyed more than 2,500 millennial and Gen Z job seekers to find out. About 72% of them admit that their new opportunities weren’t what they believed they would be and they’re experiencing some regret.

So, like what they did previously, most employees are choosing to quit rather than stick it out. Ironically, experts believe this could ignite the “Great Resignation” 2.0. About 80% of millennials and Gen Z workers feel like it’s okay to leave a new job in six months

  • 1 in 5 admit they would quit within a month if the job isn’t as expected
  • 41% say they would give it between two and six months
  • 48% say they would actually try to get their old job back

“The Muse” CEO Kathryn Minshew believes companies themselves are the ones at fault. In order to retain workers, Minshew says companies need to be more upfront from the beginning. "People are much more likely to accept the good and the bad and to show up as engaged and productive if they have entered the situation with their eyes wide open," she said.

Source: Fox Business

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