Kids Want A Say In Planning Family Vacations

Planning a family vacation isn’t always easy. There are a lot of things to consider, and it seems parents really need to pay attention to their kids, because a new survey says they have big opinions when it comes to vacations.

The survey of kids five to 15 by RVshare finds:

  • 64% of kids, and that includes the youngest ones, want to be a part the decision making process.
    • 96% want to plan at least one part of the trip.
    • 46% want to help plan where they go.
    • 77% want to help plan what they do on vacation.
  • When it comes to the right time for vacation, 39% of pre-teens and 44% of teens would to wait until the school year ends.
  • But 57% of those five to eight want to go right now.
  • So, what are kids looking for when it comes to vacations?
    • 82% say they enjoy going on adventures.
    • 80% like to explore new places.
    • 52% like being active.
    • 34% like to meet new kids.
  • 58% of kids say seeing their family having fun is the best part of a family vacation.
  • 91% say spending time with their family is really important to them.
  • 51% say spending time with family is the best part of a family vacation.

And it seems some kids even enjoy getting stuck in the car with their family.

  • 98% of kids say they enjoy going on road trips with the fam.
  • Things they love about road trips include:
    • Snacking on junk food in the car (80%).
    • Deciding where to eat (71%).
  • 53% of kids five to eight enjoy road games and singalongs.
  • But only 44% of pre-teens and 40% of teens enjoy games and singalongs. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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