Wedding Planner Answers Questions That Couples Are Too Embarrassed To Ask

There are a billion things to consider when planning a wedding which is why some people turn to a wedding planner. One wedding planner shared with “Insider” some of the questions that couples are often too embarrassed to ask. Here are her responses.


  • Q: “How do we politely uninvite people?”
  • A: This is a tough one but you have two options: you can own it about having to reduce your guest list or you can lie just a little.
  • Q: “What if I changed my mind about someone in the wedding party?”
  • A: Come from a place of kindness and empathy and explain your reasons clearly. You could also find another way to include them in the wedding. Don’t be limited by titles.
  • Q: “What do I do if someone is bringing a plus-one and it's someone I don't want at my wedding?”
  • A: Ask yourselves: "Will this person's attendance at our wedding dramatically reduce our joy?" In most cases, the answer will be no. If the answer is yes then you may have to have a heart-to-heart with someone. Or just don't allow plus-ones for any of your guests.
  • Q: “How do I make it clear I don't want kids at my wedding?”
  • A: Just say it, but remember that this may mean certain people might not be able to come.


  • Q: “What do I do about loved ones who want to plan the wedding for me?”
  • A: If you pay for everything yourself you shouldn’t feel obligated to go along with anyone else’s input. But for most couples, some financial assistance is needed. Don’t underestimate a simple “no, thank you” and be clear about what you want.


  • Q: “Do I have to serve a meal?”
  • A: Since some kind of dinner is normally expected, you should give guests a heads up if you won’t be serving food. You could say "Dessert to follow," or, "Guests are encouraged to bring a potluck dish."

Source: Insider

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