Our Coffee Consumption is at An All-Time High

It’s no secret that Americans love their coffee, but just how much may be a bit shocking to you. According to the National Coffee Association:

  • Coffee consumption is at two-decade high.
  • 66% of Americans say they drink coffee every day, up 14% from January 2021.
  • Those numbers point to more coffee drinking than any other beverage, including tap water.
  • 84% of coffee drinkers are consuming their java at home, compared to 80% in pre-pandemic January 2020.
  • Coffee consumption away from home has increased 8% since January 2021.

So what kind of coffee is everyone in America drinking?

  • Cappuccinos and lattes are tied for the most popular coffee drink, followed by plain espresso and café mocha.
  • 43% of java drinkers enjoy specialty coffee, which is a five year high, and up 20% from January 2021.
  • 41% of coffee drinkers use a drip coffee maker, followed by:
    • Single cup system (like a Keurig) – (27%)
    • Cold brewing (9%)
    • Espresso machines (8%) 

Source: National Coffee Association

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