What Your House Number Says About You, According To A Numerologist

According to numerologist Kaitlyn Kaerhart, "The number of your house speaks to the energy of the home itself. This number helps us understand the personality of our home and the themes that may arise during our time there.”

  • To figure out the numerology of your home, simply add up the digits of your address until you get to a single digit. For example, if your house number is 326, you would add 3+2+6 to get 11, and then 1+1=2. So in that case, your numerology house number is 2.
  • If you rent an apartment, you can still participate too. Just add only your apartment as opposed to your full street address. So if you live in 22B you would use 22 to give you 4.

Here’s what each of the house numbers means in numerology.

  1. One homes are perfect for fresh starts and places to embrace your creativity and independence.
  2. Two homes are ideal for relationships and partnerships can flourish here.
  3. Three homes are all about self-expression and are excellent spaces for artists.
  4. Four homes are practical and grounded and are good if you’re looking for structure and foundation.
  5. Five homes come with lots of adventure, travel, and surprises.
  6. Six homes are perfect for starting a family with warm and cozy feelings.
  7. Seven homes are sanctuaries for introverts and are meditative and spiritual.
  8. Eight homes are where money and power thrive— ”for better and possibly for worse.”
  9. Nine homes are warm and nurturing where everyone feels welcome. Nine is often associated with closure, completion, and finalities.

Source: Mindy, Body, Green

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