People Reveal Reasons They Don’t Want Kids

While there are plenty of people out there who have always known they wanted children, there are also plenty who know they have no desire to become parents. While that concept may seem foreign to some, those people have very good reasons for wanting to remain childless, and now they are sharing them.

The revelations came after someone on Reddit posed the question “People who don't want children. Why?,” with plenty of people happy to share their reasons.

They include:

  • “I'm selfish when it comes to my quiet time. I love being alone.”
  • “A friend said to me once ‘I used to sleep all the time, but when you have kids you just get used to not sleeping.’ My thought was ‘but I don't want to get used to not sleeping.’ I'm only learning as I head towards middle age that "I don't want to" is a valid reason for not doing anything that you don't actually HAVE to do.”
  • “I also like having disposable cash to spend on nice things, like beach holidays and scuba diving trips.”
  • “I think having children isn't something you do because you don't have a reason not to. I would have children if I had a really good reason to, and I don't…I don't think I should do that just because might as well.”
  • “It should be an opt-in decision, not an opt-out. The question isn’t why I don’t want kids, it’s why would I?”
  • “Expensive, plus being a teacher I have seen enough and don't want to come home to dealing with more kids.”
  • “Because I genuinely would not be happy with kids. I strongly believe that all kids deserve to be wanted, but not all people deserve to be parents.”
  • “I struggle to take care of myself, zero chance I could handle taking care of another human being.”
  • “I like my own personal space.”
  • “They grow up and tell you what you did wrong.”

Source: Reddit

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